Fleet Transactions
Thank you for considering our aircraft. Please review the following FAQs for additional information.

Q: What is the best way to find out which aircraft American has available for sale?
A: Available aircraft are listed through this website. Please register your contact information through the "Notify me" section to be advised when the site is updated.

Q: How do I go about purchasing available aircraft?
A: Please review the 'Bidding Requirements' document posted on the website. This document lists the general terms and conditions which must be met for us to consider your bid.

Q: Can I lease (wet/dry/ACMI) an available aircraft?
A: Aircraft are available for sale only, unless specifically identified as available for lease on the spec sheet. In that case, the aircraft are available for long-term, "dry" lease only. To discuss the possibility of chartering AA aircraft, please contact Charters@aa.com

Q: I'm looking for aircraft with a little more time on the airframe or engines, or for bridging to an MPD or EASA program. Does American offer contract maintenance as part of an aircraft sale?
A: The aircraft are listed for sale in 'as-is, where-is' condition. Please visit www.mroaa.com for any contract maintenance after the sale has closed.

Q: I'd like to complete a physical inspection and/or a records review prior to finalizing my bid. Can this be arranged?
A: Due to limited resources, we can not accommodate on-demand inspections. As a first step, please send us your bid based on the available information. If the high-level terms and conditions are acceptable, we will move forward with a deposit and the necessary inspections

Q: I'm interested in buying or leasing an engine. Do you handle these as well?
A: For engine-only transactions, please refer to http://mroaa.com/support/contact.aspx

Q: Do you have any B757s available?
A: Not yet. However, we expect to offer a limited number for sale shortly. Please register on the "Notify Me" page to receive future updates.

Q: Do you have any B737s, B767s or B777s available?

A: Unfortunately not. These aircraft are fully utilized, and no availability is expected in the near term
Q: Do you have any A300s available?
A: No. All AA-owned A300s available for sale have been sold.

Q: Do you have any A320s, A330s or A340s available?

A: No. American does not own any of these aircraft.
Q: I am a broker working on behalf of a buyer, or interested in marketing these aircraft on your behalf. Do you pay broker commissions?
A: No. All commissions must be paid by the buyer.

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